Finding the Best Career Education for You

November 1, 2019



Let’s face it, four years to obtain a degree is a long time, and much of that time is spent on basics that may not even apply to that degree, furthermore a four-year college can also be really expensive. There are many programs that may not require a four-year degree. Careers such as that of a paralegal or surgical technologist can make close to or even more than $50k a year. 

Money Saver

Sometimes a four-year college isn’t the right choice due to the high cost. Trying to pay for a degree is hard, trying to pay for it without taking any loans even harder. The average university semester cost is anywhere from $9 – $12k not including room & board, and once you multiply that across four years you’ll realize how expensive that can be. (Let me give you a hint: $72 – $96k and let’s not forget room and board). At a technical school such as Community HigherEd campuses, many courses don’t last over a year. Definitely a money saver right? 

Finishing Strong

Although universities are good for a lot of people, they aren’t for everyone and sometimes you find that out the hard way. After 2 or 3 years many decide to drop out and not finish their degree, and by that point the time and money spent on education is non-refundable. 

So Why 1 year College?

With a high completion rate and lower costs than a four-year university, one-year colleges are good for those looking to get their education fast in career paths that don’t require four years of college experience. And the courses at community colleges usually aren’t meant to be combined with other 4 year colleges later on, so keep that in mind, but they do offer a standalone method of learning everything you need for many high demand fields. Many programs that can be taken at Community Care College range from medical programs such as Veterinary Assistant or Dental Assistant to business programs such as Accounting or Business and Industry Management. Taking one year to complete programs such as these open the doors to many opportunities for many years to come.

Community Care College

Community Care College is a non-profit career college educating business and health care professionals. We provide aspiring professionals with the skills they need to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Overall, we offer 10 programs: Accounting Specialist, Dental Assistant, Early Childhood Education, Fitness & Health Trainer, Healthcare Administration, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, Paralegal Studies, and Surgical Technologist. In addition, students can also attain an Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Business and Industry Management (AOS BIM).

Community Care College has two other branch campuses, Clary Sage College ( and Oklahoma Technical College ( Community HigherEd is the governing nonprofit over Community Care College.

From the desk of Josh Crow, Social Media/Marketing Intern.