Do You Text and Roll?

March 5, 2015

Ugh! Let me tell you about the actions of the woman driving behind me this morning in a cute, late model, baby blue beetle bug. The moment that I pulled out onto the six-lane roadway, her bug was immediately behind my car. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic. She was young, in her late twenties, and looked intelligent, perhaps because of her glasses. I could never quite catch her eye in my rearview mirror because she was constantly looking at her cell phone. Yet she continued to let her bug idle forward, whether mine was idling or not. I realized that I would have to allow a good one-to-two car lengths in front of my car and do what was clearly her job to maintain a safe distance between her car and mine, so that she would not rear-end me.  

I finally got her attention in the mirror, and made a V sign with my index and third finger from my right hand to my eyes, moved the same V and pointed it to the windshield in front of me, and repeated the motion.

Watching you

Finally, she stopped looking at her cell phone, but then was distracted by looking for something in a purse or bag in the passenger seat, or was perhaps putting away her cell in a designated spot. Another vehicle worked its way between hers and mine, and I had to focus forward entirely.  How many other people, I wondered, even after all of the public service announcements and articles, like this one, continue to text and drive, or roll, daily?  

Don’t text or read texts while you drive, and don’t send others texts when you know or suspect that they’re driving, or this could happen!

Maybe you have a policy of not texting and driving, but do you text and roll?  Please don’t!