Childhood Health

April 21, 2014

Parents always put their children first. They want to make sure their children succeed. Whether it is at school, on the baseball team, with their friends etc, parents want their children to have the best opportunities in life. Shouldn’t your child’s health be one of those top priorities?

There is incontrovertible evidence that children who are overweight are more likely to incur adult obesity which can cause type II diabetes, heart disease and many, many other life threatening afflictions.


Let’s help stop this cycle and teach our children what food really is.  It is energy for your body to do things.  It is not the purpose behind social interactions.  It is not the comfort a person needs to get through emotionally difficult times.  It is not supposed to be consumed in great amounts.  I realize it tastes great to have certain tastes, that it feels good to eat certain foods.  While it does have these effects it can also have very negative effects too.  Let’s educate our children and enable them to have that great life that we want for them.  Let’s lead by example and show our children that eating well can be fun and tasty and allow me us to live a great life of activity and fun.