At the Heart of Health Care: Medical Assistants

October 17, 2018

Imagine, you nervously enter the medical clinic when you look up and see a kind face waiting to help. The medical assistant at the front desk greets you, takes care of your affairs, and then offers an encouraging smile as you wait for your turn. You are greeted by another medical assistant who takes you back to an exam room. She engages you in comfortable conversation before, during, and after your exam. From the time you walk into that office, until the time you leave, it is a medical assistant’s job to provide a helping hand and an encouraging smile. 

Your Health Care Helping Hand

We all know that going to the medical clinic isn’t fun for anyone. You only go to see medical professionals when something is wrong. And when something is wrong, you just want someone to tell you that everything will be alright. Medical assistants are there for you when you need someone most. With the Community Care College Medical Assistant students celebrating their first Medical Assistants Recognition Week, we wanted to shed some light on how important the role of a medical assistant is.

What Does a Medical Assistant do?

Medical assistants are integral members of the healthcare team that perform administrative, clinical, and laboratory procedures. It is a medical assistant’s main priority to help provide quality medical care to every patient they serve. Medical Assistant students at Community Care College are working hard to perfect these skills. Our students want to make a positive impact on the health of the patients they serve.  

CCC Celebrates Medical Assistants Recognition Week

Individuals all over the U.S will celebrate Medical Assistants Recognition Week from October 15-19th. The Medical Assistant Program at CCC has planned several special activities and surprises to help celebrate their first Medical Assistant Week with their students. Also, Julie Benson, Medical Assistant Instructor at Community Care College, wrote to Mayor G.T. Bynum’s office and received a proclamation certificate for the recognition of Medical Assistants Recognition Week.

Medical assistants watch as Community Care College in Tulsa is issued a certificate from Tulsa Mayor G. T. Bynum

Medical Assistant school and Tulsa


Melana Olguin & Jane Hahn, representatives from St. John’s Medical Center, will meet with MA students to discuss opportunities and realities of the career field. In addition, students will make holiday crafts to share with patients at Clare House and St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

Get your CMA at Community Care College

Community Care College is the only Medical Assistant program in the Tulsa area accredited by ABHES. Our graduates are able to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant or CMA (AAMA) Examination. The CMA is nationally recognized as the gold standard of Medical Assisting certifications. It allows the recipient to work anywhere in the US. Consequently, this means each recipient does not have to attain additional education, licensure, or credential in another state.

From the desk of Julie Benson, Medical Assistant Instructor and Department Head

For more information about our Medical Assistant program, call 918.610.0027 or visit our website!