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To start a request, please fill out the form. Your request must be received no later than four weeks before the day of your event. You will receive a response within seven business days of your request.

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Donation Policy and Guidelines

The College is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that extends higher education opportunities to those students looking to enter the workforce with a marketable and specific skillset. Excess resources go toward furthering the mission of the college inspiring improvement of the lives of those the college serve through various services including expanded scholarship opportunities. However, the college has a long-standing commitment and focus on outside organizations that provide services to those in need with a special emphasis on faith-based entities benefiting women and children of the Tulsa, Oklahoma region.

Typically, the college will not donate:

  • Cash
  • Programs outside the community
  • Endowment or capital improvement campaigns
  • Unrestricted gifts to national or international organizations
  • Foundations that are strictly grant-making bodies (IRS 509(a))
  • Private schools
  • Sporting events or teams
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Special occasion goodwill advertising, including program books and yearbooks
  • Scholarship awards in the name of another organization
  • Funds for individuals
  • Sponsorships for golf tournaments, dinners, or other events
  • Travel or tours
  • School extra-curricular activities or clubs
  • General operating expenses or debt-retirement for organizations

The definition for charity status for the US: US organizations must have current 501(c)(3) status, as assigned by the Internal Revenue Service, to be considered for a college donation.