Do You Know “Dr. Google”?

April 6, 2018

Have you ever developed symptoms and wondered what they may be from? We all have, right? Have you ever gone to “Dr. Google” to try and find out what may be the culprit? I think we have all done that too. Some sources on the web are great and credible places to go to find good information, others…not so much. So how do you know which site is best to search? I am going to give you a list of great credible websites that will give you a starting point to figure out what ails you.


Have you noticed a new spot or bump pop up on your skin? Going to The Skin Cancer Foundation site will give you pictures and symptoms you can cross check. It even gives information on how to avoid skin cancer and how to perform a monthly self-skin exam.


Do you suffer from chronic or severe headaches? Head on over to Harvard Medical School to help you find out when and if you should see your doctor. This site also outlines different types of headaches and their possible causes.


Have you noticed a series of symptoms? Maybe you are feeling very thirsty, blurry vision, slow healing wounds, or tingling and/or pain in your hands or feet. Go to the American Diabetes Association to find out if you are at risk for diabetes. This site also has great information on lowering your risk and living with diabetes.


Are you in a funk? Have you noticed that you don’t seem to be yourself lately? Going to the Mayo Clinic could give you insight into your recent mood change and when to see a doctor.


The Bottom Line:
There is a wealth of information on the internet. Some of it comes from very reliable and credible sources. It is so important to make sure you are getting information from good sources. Just remember: no “Dr. Google” search should ever replace a good conversation and a treatment plan with your doctor.


From the office of Casey Bellew, Surgical Technologist Clinical Director