Be a Financial Detective

September 13, 2018

If you enjoy getting things organized and running efficiently, bookkeeping might be the perfect career for you. Bookkeeping is an exciting profession linking investigation, critical thinking, and attention to detail in your daily activities. As a bookkeeper, you get to be a financial detective for your company. And with access to top-secret company information, you become indispensable. In other words, this is a stable profession. 

The Ultimate Puzzle

As a bookkeeper, you are handed several pieces of a puzzle. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to match the right pieces together. For instance, when you get everything in order, your work is able to accurately portray the company’s numbers. Without the completed puzzle, there’s no way to make business decisions. The company’s owners are flying blind without the detective work of the bookkeeper.

Your Company Depends on You

Imagine you’re working for a construction company. Every day, the contractors come in, dig in their pockets, and drop a wad of receipts on your desk. After that, your job is to assign each of these transactions to the correct category and customer. Like an expert investigator, you get to work identifying important information and patterns. Slowly, the pieces come together to create a clean and simple picture. Bookkeepers can tell if the receipt shows more than a simple purchase. Now, this bookkeeper can tell if a contractor is sneaking their own purchases onto the company credit card.

In order for the construction company to succeed, every purchase made for a customer has to be recorded to that customer’s account. As the bookkeeper, you’re the watchdog who keeps track of what’s going on. Bookkeepers help the company stay safe from financial devastation.

Bookkeeping Could be in Your Near Future

At Community Care College, you can learn bookkeeping and go to work in just 10 months through an online accounting program. Being an Accounting Specialist can mean many different things. Above all, it all depends on the type of company you choose to work for. Whether you choose to work for a large accounting department or a smaller company, graduating from the Community Care College Accounting Specialist program can prepare you to succeed. Students in this program complete tasks in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and General Bookkeeping to learn how an entire accounting department works. Students also learn the software programs necessary to enter into this field such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel.

From the desk of Sarah Allen, Accounting Department Head/Instructor

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