Techie Tools for Spring Travelers

March 9, 2015

Techie Tools for SpringSince Oklahoma has been hit with such a rough winter, many of us may be heading out for a spring break vacations. With spring quickly approaching, many people may be looking for tech tools to make their travels a little easier. Here’s a list of 5 apps that will take some stress out of your travels.

Google Translate

google_translate_iosGoogle just updated its translate app and it now boasts a number of great new features. For example, users can now translate signs and other text between English and a number of other major languages, through using the camera. Simply point the camera at the text to be translated, and the translated text will be superimposed on the image. Users can also have faster and more complex conversations using the app by simply speaking into the microphone, after which what they said will be translated.


yelp-brussels-app-2Eating different and interesting foods is often a big part of traveling, and there’s no better app for finding restaurants than Yelp. Using GPS, Yelp can find all the nearby restaurants, along with information about the restaurants’ open hours and the kinds of food that it serves.


Card-View-ScreensTripit is aimed at making the whole travelling process easier by planning every step of the way. Pulling information from confirmation emails, the app knows your flight number, gate, hotel address, and so on. This is perfect in the situation that you can’t find your flight confirmation number or you need to show an address to a taxi driver. Not only that, but after the information is pulled from the emails, the app can operate perfectly offline, meaning that when you step off the plane and there is no roaming, you can still get to where you need to be.

Hotel Tonight

HotelTonight-FR-3-iPhoneEver forgotten to book a hotel? Backpacking around Europe with no real plan apart from the day or two ahead? Hotel Tonight is exactly what it sounds like — a short-term lodging booking app aimed at finding cheap hotels or hostels at as low a price as possible.

XE Currency

xe-collageIt’s always shocking to see a price tag in the thousands before realizing that it’s really not all that expensive.  It can be difficult, however, to know exactly how much something costs before buying it without converting into U.S. dollars or whatever your native currency. That’s where XE Currency comes in. Simply enter in the amount that an item costs in the foreign currency and the app will spit out the amount in your currency using the latest exchange rates. Perfect for alleviating that price tag shock!

So, whether you have plans to ski or surf, these apps will help keep you focused on the important task of spending time with your friends and family instead of spending all of your time worrying.  Have a great trip!!!