See, Feel then Change!

November 15, 2011



SEE, FEEL then CHANGE!  According to John P Kotter, a Harvard Business School Professor and author, this is our response to change.  Kotter has developed a change model for understanding and managing change as discussed in his books ‘Leading Change’ & ‘The Heart of Change.’

  1. INCREASE URGENCY.  Inspire people to move—be relevant and real.
  2.  BUILD A GUIDING TEAM.  Right people in the right place with the right emotional commitment.  (Similar to Jim Collins philosophy in ‘Good to Great’)
  3. GET THE VISION.  Establish a simple vision.  Focus on emotional aspect to drive service & efficiency.
  4. COMMUNICATE.  Involve as many people as possible.  Communicate the essentials & respond to people’s needs.  De-clutter!  Make technology work with you rather than against you.
  5. EMPOWER ACTION.   Recognize progress.  Remove obstacles.  Enable feedback.  Reward achievements.
  6. CREATE SHORT-TERM WINS.  Set goals in bite-size chunks!  This is the best way to eat an elephant too!  Finish current stages of change before starting next one.
  7. DON’T LET UP.  Encourage determination and persistence.  Encourage progress reporting and highlight all milestones.
  8. MAKE CHANGE STICK.  Reinforce value of successful change.  Promote, recruit, and change leaders.  Make change part of the current culture.

I’ve heard it said that the only people who like change are wet babies.  I don’t believe that for a minute!  In our fast-paced and technologically developed world, if we don’t accept and embrace change we will quickly be left in the dust.