Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

March 7, 2011

“We are committed to taking responsibility for the impact our business has on society by practicing behaviors that promote accountability. The development and welfare of our team, giving back to the community and delivering the highest level of service to our students are top priorities”.

I love working for a company that promotes accountability. Accountability is the “A” letter in our CARES (Courtesy, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Success) culture. As team members, not only do we hold each other accountable, but we also hold our students accountable for their actions as well. As a college we are also accountable to our community. Our college is very active in giving back to our community in the form of services, monetary contributions and donations of food, clothing and energy. We feel it is indeed part of our social responsibility to give back to the community we serve. As Moliere said,

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.”

We live in a “it’s all about me” society. Just look at all the ridiculous TV shows that portray what spoiled rich kids do with their time. I don’t see many demonstrations of accountability or social responsibility exhibited by these characters.  The opposite is true of our CEO and college founder, Teresa Knox. Teresa is well regarded in education and business circles, because of her generous heart and desire to give back to our community in many ways. She has set the bar high for other CEO’s, as well as, the rest of us who see her commitment to making Tulsa a great place to live!

Our great student body has received numerous national awards and recognitions for the thousands of volunteer hours they have given back to the community in the form of time and energy for worthy causes. For the past four years we have received the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. This recognizes us as a college that reflects the values of exemplary community service and achieves meaningful outcomes in our community. I am very proud of our key Corporate Core Value-Practice Corporate Social Responsibility. I know that our lives are changed for the better, since we forget ourselves when we serve others.

Colleges and companies that are unified by practicing social responsibility, will find that what they give will come back to bless them ten-fold. The old saying, “What goes around comes around” is very true. If individuals and organizations are truly accountable and responsible they will seize every opportunity to give back to their community, and by so doing will reap great rewards.