Oh, the Legal Drama!

April 20, 2015


I’ve become hooked on AMC’s Better Call Saul!, a spin-off of Breaking Bad, using its character Saul Goodman, a criminal defense attorney and accomplice. He’s anything but a “good man.” In fact, I think I’ll find through watching the series, that it would be better if no one called Saul.

And, once again, the integrity of the legal profession is challenged, and a mockery is made of one of its own. Yes, the show is in jest, but you know the saying, “Many a truth is spoken in jest?” The television watching public is bound to be left with some lasting negative impressions about attorneys, and most especially criminal defense attorneys.

Legal integrity is what paralegal students at Community Care College were studying last week.  The course, Ethics for the Law Office, is one of eleven paralegal courses taught in the diploma program that lasts twelve months.

Students in the paralegal program are cautioned to help attorneys abide by disciplinary rules, or ethical rules. When the public learns of ethical violations, that reinforces the idea of attorneys as shysters who are only after clients’ money. Let’s just say that the arts have done few favors for attorneys over the years!