December 28, 2011


     The Wall Street journal reported that about thirty-three percent of the high school graduates who received the tag of “Most Likely to Succeed” carried it around as a burden.   Forty percent with the title were motivated and driven to live up to the title bestowed upon them (now called “the boss”).  The rest of us just knew what we wanted and had the desire to do whatever it took to get there.  

      “Success” means so many different things to each of us—far beyond landing the perfect job, best salary, corner office, etc.  Success is a wonderful accomplishment, but no matter who you are it didn’t happen overnight.

     Bumps in the pathway can lead to derailment of a successful career.  Discouragement, negativity, failures, and disappointments just present an opportunity to take a “success” inventory.  Sometimes it’s important to re-route your road to success.


 EDUCATION:  Inventory every class, degree, certifications or specialized training you have completed.

 POSITIONS:  Identify every major job you have ever had.  Start at the entry level position—you learned lots of lessons that you will never forget or want to repeat.

 PROJECTS:  Community, church and volunteer activities that were made successful because of your contribution of time and effort.

 ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Any award, promotion or significant letters of praise from past supervisors documenting the importance of your past positions and representation.

 POTENTIAL:  Are you really ready to give up on sharing your successful experiences and just quitting?   Be inspired by the list you just created—not by the fear of failure.  Success is generational—pass it on!

 RE-EVALUTE YOUR CURRENT GOALS:  Surround yourself with positive-thinking people who realize your potential.  Focus on improvement and not perfection.  Work on what you can control instead of reaching for something way beyond your reach.

 FEAR OF FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION:   Spread your ideas everywhere and learn from the mistakes you may make on the way to success. 

      History is full of success stories resulting from colossal failures.  Make history repeat itself—it’s never too late to be “Most Likely to Succeed!”