Healthy Relationships Keep You Healthy

February 5, 2015

I love Pinterest. It is so inspiring and gives me so many ideas. This and a New Year will do that. It will get you thinking about what makes you happy, and what you really want.

I want a good healthy relationship with my two sons, Andrew and Benjamin. Healthy relationships keep you healthy. I thought long and hard about what life lessons I wanted to pass to my boys to keep them both mentally and physically healthy.

Healthy RelationshipsA healthy attitude can help with that. So, my list of things to pass to my babies (they will always be my babies no matter what their age):

Live your life for you.

Don’t let others define what happiness should look like. Their happiness comes with burdens that might make you unhappy to live with. I remind myself that when I see rich pampered women. They HAVE to go to parties and dress up and socialize. I realize I am happiest at home doing what I want to do.

Kiss and love plenty.

Don’t feel guilty about that either. I just hope you keep it to one person at a time.

Remember me kindly.

I love you more than anything. No matter how I act or treat you. Accept my apologies for anything I did wrong. I did the best with what little parenting skills I had as an example growing up.

Never judge others, even excessive praise.

When you lift others up, you usually lower someone else. That someone else could even be yourself. Only compete with yourself.


Go to London for me.

What words of wisdom would you pass on to your children?