Happy Medical Biller's Day!

March 25, 2015


It’s National Medical Biller’s Day! To celebrate I sat down with one of my favorite Medical Billers, Misty Green. Misty has worked in the medical industry for many years and currently teaches the Medical Billing and Coding and Health Care Administration Programs at Community Care College.


Did you previously work in Medical Billing & Coding? If not, how did you become interested in working in this field?

I worked as a Medical Coder for OU Women’s Clinic, and taught Billing and Coding for the Broken Arrow Adult Continuing Education Program at the same time.

What do you enjoy about teaching?

I love seeing the light bulb go on over a students head when they finally get it. I enjoy seeing our students graduate and then come back to tell us all about their new careers. I love that the students actually get to use the skills they learn from us to earn a better living for their families.

Describe Medical Billing & Coding.

Medical Billing and Coding is a fast paced, growing field. It takes the diagnosis you are given from a physician and turns that diagnosis into a code to be entered into the computer. The billing side uses those diagnostic codes combined with the procedural codes to tell a story about each and every visit to a physician. This allows the entire patients story to be captured in a few codes making it easier for the insurance companies to interrupt and pay. 

Share a fun tip or tidbit about the MBC program or industry.

It is always fun to read through the E Codes, these are codes that describe how something happened. For example, if a woman needed stitches on her head because she feel through a table while dancing with her husband, there is a code to describe why she needs those stitches, it is E005.9 – Activity involving dancing and other rhythmic movements!

I want to thank Misty for sharing her knowledge and letting us know just what medical billers do! Do you have any more questions? Comment below!