Go Fly a Kite!

April 10, 2015

The month of March is typically one of our windiest months. The other day, I saw a boy flying a kite and it reminded me of my youth and flying kites with my friends. I grew up living across the street from my elementary school. Westmore Elementary had a large, grassy field, where we played baseball, football and it was a great kite flying field too!

Whenever I have the chance, this time of year, to fly kites with my grandchildren I love to do so as it takes me back to many fond childhood memories.


I recall one day when the wind was perfect for kite flying. Terry Pine, my good friend, and I were flying a kite we had just constructed and the kite was as high as it could go with the amount of string we had, so I ran home and got more string to attach to the end of the line. When that string was used up, Terry ran home and got more string and the kite just kept climbing higher and higher! Soon other friends circled around and we could hardly see the kite because it was so high! I didn’t want to stop the fun even when mom called me in for dinner that night. I tied the end of the string to the backstop of the baseball diamond and ran home to eat. The next morning, I expected to find the kite still flying high. What I found was a lot of string on the ground and our kite torn and ruined in a neighbor’s yard. Even though my kite was ruined, it had been a great kite flying day and fun adventure.

I once heard it said; “It’s the little things that tie you down that keep you up”! That is not only true when it comes to kite flying, but life! We need structure, discipline and even rules to keep us grounded (“The string”) while at the same time, we need the freedom to soar and explore (“The kite”).

I love our College Core Values and Culture because they provide us with a solid grounding to do the right things, yet we are encouraged and have the freedom to be creative and try new things, start new programs and “think outside the box”. I hope your place of employment provides a similar setting for you by providing stability, yet creativity to fly high in the sky!

It’s spring! Get out there as Mary Poppins suggests and “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”! And since it’s springtime in Oklahoma, remember, we’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!