Don't be a Holiday Slacker | 4 Tips to Stay Motivated Over the Holidays

December 18, 2014

Holiday SlackerSlacker is a term associated with someone who isn’t quite getting his or her assigned job done or who is not complying with others’ expectations of him or her.  We all have different roles.  You might be excelling in your role as mother for the holidays, taking your children to every public festivity imaginable.  Yet, if you do so, you’re likely slacking on the college front.

Most colleges have what is termed a winter break, which can last up to a month.  That’s where Community Care College is different.  You see, the primary goal of a vocational school is to successfully employ its graduates at the earliest possible time.  That is why Community Care College has its students take just two days off for the Christmas holiday, and New Year’s Day off, but no other.

Students, with little time off from college, it’s going to take some planning and concentration to avoid getting caught up in all of the distractions of the holidays.  Unless you make a concerted effort to prioritize school work, your grades will suffer.  Don’t be a holiday slacker!

Here are some suggestions to keep you on track:

  1. Maintain the same good study habits that have made you successful in college so far.
  2. During your study breaks, take five to ten minutes to write a grocery list, or set aside materials to make cookies, or watch part of a Christmas movie.  Then, resume working.
  3. Think of someone you know who did not prioritize school in their lives and, as a result, did not see his or her dream career come true.  Rather, he or she went back to the same old job that he or she always had, and is unhappy.  Or, think of a classmate who excelled in your program and is working in his or her dream career.  Picture yourself in that spot.
  4. Then, get back to work!  You’ll graduate before you know it!