Tulsa’s Most Dangerous Intersections

January 6, 2017

Guest blog from Marcy Charters, website manager for the law offices of Craig L. Cook.

Distracted driving causes accidents. The data is quite clear on that. A 2014 study found near universal agreement that texting while driving is dangerous. The study also found that three-fourths of drivers have texted while driving, revealing a huge discrepancy between attitude and behavior. We know texting and driving is dangerous…but we do it anyway!

Perhaps you’re resentful and judgmental when you see other drivers looking at their phones while careening down the road. But then, your text alert goes off and you can’t help yourself. A quick peek. But in the five seconds that your eyes are off the road, when it’s possible to cover the length of an entire football field, you’re no less dangerous than the other distracted drivers. Don’t fool yourself!


While you can’t control other drivers’ behavior, you can be the one to make a difference. You can drive defensively by:

  •       Looking ahead and expecting the unexpected
  •       Controlling your speed
  •       Maintaining a safe following distance
  •       Preparedness for the reactions of other drivers
  •       Driving safely for weather and/or road conditions
  •       Being alert and distraction free
  •       Watching and respecting other drivers

In the Tulsa area, we have a number of very dangerous intersections. 71st and Mingo is one of the worst. Defensive driving is always important but particularly necessary at these intersections because of the high rate of traffic and accidents.

During inclement weather we have more distracted and harried drivers on the road, so please look out for yourself and your fellow drivers. Let’s start off the year on the right footing and avoid unnecessary accidents. 


1 thought on “Tulsa’s Most Dangerous Intersections”

  1. 71st and Mingo – I don’t even live there, I was just passing through on a business trip. Got t-boned by a pickup truck at this intersection. My arm still hurts when it’s cold out, thanks to that dangerous spot. 🙁