5 Apps to Track Summer Reading

June 20, 2016

With the long days of summer upon us, we might find ourselves with some spare time on our hands. From lounging by the pool to road trips, summer often provides us with the perfect time to catch up on some reading time – not only for ourselves, but also for our kids to ensure that they do not suffer from summer learning loss. Summer learning loss is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer holidays. Some students can lose up to two months of reading achievement over the course of the summer. With the help of these apps, we can all stay on track and achieve our reading goals.

iReadItNow – With iReadItNow, you can archive books that you have read, have not read, or want to read. You can also add new books with the easy-to-use bar code scanner. You will enjoy beautiful graphs that show your reading life, and you can automatically share with friends what you read over Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You-Log ReadingYou-Log Reading adds books by Google search, bar code scan, or manually. It also sets reading goals and monitors your progress, keeps track of the minutes, pages, and genres you read with color-coded bar graphs & pie charts. Use the built-in note-taker to write book reports and print outs or email your customized reading logs and book notes.

Reader TrackerReader Tracker makes it insanely easy to organize, sort, and view the books you read. Simply enter the book title, author, date started and finished and Reader Tracker automatically stores and sorts everything you read. You can sort by title, author, or date read in order to see exactly what you’ve read and when you read it.

Reading Log+Reading Log+ is an app that takes away the burden of tracking your kid’s reading progress and puts the focus back where it needs to be – on the reading. Many schools require students to read a certain amount of time or number of pages per week, asking the kids and their parents to report their reading back to the teacher. While the reading is fun, the process of recording pages and time can be tedious for parents. Reading Log+ allows you to focus on the fun through an easy tracking system which will generate a report you can email or print when you need it.

ReadingLog ReadingLog contains a stop watch, and it can log the time a kid spends in daily reading. It is very user-friendly, and your kids will enjoy using it. This helps to encourage your kid to read everyday! ReadingLog includes a book bar code scanner. By using the camera of your iPhone/iPad, ReadingLog can scan the book bar code and can figure out what book it is. ReadingLog even contains a database to store all the books your kids read.

So whether it is for you or for your children, these apps can have us all using our summer spare time to exercise our mind while relaxing our bodies!

By: Monica Simmons 

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