Fun and Interesting Facts About Dentistry

March 5, 2018

From the desk of Lindsey Viel, Dental Assistant Instructor:

Have you ever just sat and wondered,” Hmmm…I wish I knew more interesting and fun facts about dentistry.” Okay,  well here you go. 16 fun and interesting facts about dentistry. Enjoy!

Fact 1: The truth about your toothbrush.
Keeping your toothbrush wet encourages the bacteria on it to grow. Try to keep it dry.

Fact 2: What goes up and out must come down and around!
You shouldn’t keep your toothbrush near a toilet. The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to a distance of six feet! Eww!

Fact 3: George Washington’s Teeth
Our First President’s teeth were not made of wood. They were actually handcrafted from gold, ivory, lead, and a mixture of human, donkey and hippopotamus teeth! That must of been pretty heavy.

Fact 4: FORE!! Golfing and Dentistry.
Dentist George Grant invented the wooden golf tee.

Fact 5: Sharks!!!
A shark has around 40 SETS of teeth in their lifetime.

Fact 6: Speaking of Jaws…
Your jaw muscles are tough! They are so strong that they provide about 200 pounds of force when bringing your back teeth together to chew. Make sure you wear your night guards if you have them.

Fact 7: Saliva
We produce 100,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime which helps us prevent tooth decay. That is a lot of spit!

Fact 8: Mosquitos
A mosquito has about 47 teeth!

Fact 9: Twinning!
Did you know giraffes have the same number of teeth as a human?

Fact 10: Cotton Candy
The cotton candy making machine was co-invented by a dentist. Before it was called “Cotton Candy” it was called “Fairy Floss”.

Fact 11: Floss like a boss.
Flossing once a day can increase your life expectancy by 6 years.

Fact 12: Snails
Snails have over 25,000 teeth!!

Fact 13: Tooth Fairy Mouse?
In Italy and France, the tooth fairy is actually a mouse. This character is called la petite souris, “ the little mouse”.

Fact 14: Kiddos
Children begin to develop their primary teeth (baby teeth) 6 weeks after conception while in their mother’s womb.

Fact 15: Orange you glad to learn these facts?
Orange juice can taste bad after brushing because toothpaste blocks your sweet taste receptors due to a foaming agent that changes the permeability of your tongue cells.

Of course, Dental facts can be fun and interesting but the most important fact is
Fact 16: Dentistry is not as expensive as you may think… neglect is!

Brush and Floss on.

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