We Are Watching You: Social Media Presence in the 21st Century

April 27, 2017

From the desk of Ronnie Carlson, Human Resources Assistant Director:

There is this old expression, “showing up is half the battle”. Although this still rings true today, it has become abundantly clear it is time to update that expression for 21st-century career seekers. Let me introduce a two-step plan prior to embarking on your search for a career. Following this may be the difference between a career and joblessness.

1. What does your social media presence say about you? Does the tone reflect the position you are applying for?

2. Google yourself. A 2006 survey concluded that 77% of employers Google applicants before scheduling interviews, and is a determining factor in employment decisions.

It would be a shame to have your alcohol-fueled midnight tweets derail your job prospects. Companies want professionals, so give them a professional. With this in mind, let’s update that old expression. Don’t apply without googling…oh, and don’t forget to show up.


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