Community Care College Celebrated Dental Students

March 15, 2018

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“Dental Assistants are the heroes of a dental practice. No dentist or hygienist could do their jobs without the skill and knowledge of great dental assistants,” said Janet Coon, Registered Dental Hygienist & Instructor. “Community Care College enjoyed taking the opportunity to celebrate National Dental Assistants Recognition Week with our amazing students as they prepare for their career in dentistry.”

On Monday, March 4th the Dental Assistant Program was honored to have CCC founder Teresa Knox speak to our students about her history as a dental assistant, furthering her own education and pioneering what is now the three campus higher education institution, including Community Care College, Oklahoma Technical College and Clary Sage College. Students were also treated to dental inspired donuts, because who doesn’t love donuts?

On Tuesday, March 5th, the dental assistant students took a moment to write thank you notes to their own personal dental assistants. These were mailed in hopes of bringing joy to each professional as they read them.

As mid-week rolled in, the students participated in “Wear Your Button Wednesday”. Paper plate necklaces gave the faculty and staff of CCC, along with the students themselves, a chance to write anonymous words of encouragement to each of our future graduates throughout the day. Everyone needs a lift and the students were encouraged to wait until the end of the day to read the comments. I cannot express the smiles that were exhibited as a result of this one activity!

To wrap up the week of recognition, students were treated on Thursday, March 8 to ice cream sundaes. This last event of the week gave all involved in the Dental Assistant program a chance to fellowship, laugh, and appreciate the journey we are all on.

“The history of dentistry is magnificent. The legacy of dental assistants that paved the way in this profession is one of caring, loving and selflessness. It was truly nice to take a week to embrace how our careers started, where it currently stands and imagine the future ahead of us,” says Coon.

From the desk of Janet Coon