Health Care Administration

November 29, 2012

Community Care College (CCC) has launched a new program aimed toward educating individuals who desire to pursue work in the non-clinical side of medicine. The Health Care Administration program, which grants students an Associate of Occupational Science degree, launched last week and has an emphasis in Electronic Health Records as well as medical office management and technology.

The new Electronic Health Record course can be viewed as a virtual externship to show students how EHR’s work in the medical environment while also teach students new strategies of working with the new technology.

While enrolled in the program, students will also take a diagnostic coding course that will provide them instruction on the new ICD-10 coding, material not mandated until October of 2014. These new classes were developed to ensure students are prepared with the skills needed to compete in the real world job market.

Also offered as a part of the Health Care Administration program will be a class in career and life development. This course has been developed to help students get acclimated to the school environment and give them valuable information with real world applications on topics ranging from financial literacy to study tips. By starting students with this course, CCC is setting up students for a successful degree program.

Students who receive their degree in Health Care Administration can enjoy work in most any administrative or managerial role that exists within a medical office from front desk and reception work to scheduling, referrals, collections and data entry. Some students also go on to work in the insurance field, assisted living centers, surgery centers and dental sites. The possibilities are endless with this degree!

Health Care Administration is an 84-week program and is offered entirely online. Enrollment is now open.

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